This is the most general category on this page and includes all posts that deal with a cocktail recipe in some form (i. e. the focus of the post is not on an ingredient, for example). It is meant as an opportunity for our reader to quickly browse all the recipes on this blog when thinking about what to make next.

Experimental Stuff

This is a category featuring all the more experimental cocktail recipes, i. e. recipes that might seem a bit unorthodox at first,  are based on spontaneous ideas or defer from “classic” recipes in some other way.

Turning Things Into Drinks

This category features cocktail recipes that draw inspiration from food or other things that are not drinks. This means that the recipes try to replicate a certain taste in form of a cocktail.


So far, this is the only category that does not contain cocktail recipes, but deals with a specific ingredient instead. This includes alcoholic ingredients, i. e. spirits, liqueurs etc., as well as non-alcoholic ingredients.

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