These two are the drinks that probably everyone knows – the Cuba Libre and the Gin & Tonic. In the past, there has even been some argument as to whether they are cocktails or not. I would argue that the Gin & Tonic is not – at least not in its simplest form. By contrast, […]

Are there cocktails that everyone enjoys? Probably not. However, there are definitely some that one can rightfully call crowd pleasers. And it is without doubt that one of them is

When thinking about Tiki drinks, there are many that immediately come to mind: the Mai Tai, the Planters’ Punch, the Painkiller, and so on and so forth. One of these

Let me start by saying that I think it is totally okay to have sweet drinks once in a while. White Russians? Amazing! Espresso Martinis? Classic! So what’s wrong with

There is whole array of drinks based around mixtures of Campari and some kind of vermouth, out of which the Milano Torino is probably the simplest. It simply consists of

When dealing with cocktail recipes, one might ask how good taste can be achieved. In this post, I will try to give an at least partial answer to this question

There are generally many joyful culinary experiences. Some people are more into eating delicious foods and drinking delicious drinks than others, but most people have several things they really like.